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Marketing Research, 6th Edition

Marketing Research, 6th Edition

Publisher Pearson Education
Year 01/03/2020
Edition 6
Pages 976
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781292308722
Categories Market research
Replaces 9781292103129
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Book description

For undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students, this highly successful textbook is an essential guide to Marketing Research.


Understand theory and application of marketing research in a European context


Marketing Research: Applied Insight, 6th Edition, by Nunan, Birks and Malhotra is the leading marketing research text focused on the key challenges facing marketing research in a European context. This comprehensive text offers a clear explanation and discussion of concepts, and a wealth of European and international case material showing how researchers apply concepts and techniques. It also integrates with online resources for students including key discussion points. 


This book supports both qualitative and quantitative research methods through:

  • Introducing the transactional stages of marketing research of problem definition, developing approach and design, data collection, analysis and communicating the research findings

  • Using real research case studies of how companies address specific managerial problems and implement research, as well as real-life marketing situations and exercises to tackle in every chapter

  • Applying marketing research to current marketing challenges such as social media, mobile marketing, customer value, experiential marketing, satisfaction, loyalty, customer equity, brand equity and management, relationship marketing, creativity and design, and socially responsible marketing


Pearson, the world’s learning company.

Marketing Research, 6th Edition

Table of contents


Publisher’s acknowledgements

About the authors


1. Introduction to marketing research and insight

2. Defining the research problem and developing a research approach

3. Research design

4. Secondary data collection and analysis

5. Internal secondary data and analytics

6. Qualitative research: its nature and approaches

7. Qualitative research: focus group discussions

8. Qualitative research: in-depth interviewing and projective techniques

9. Qualitative research: data analysis

10. Survey and quantitative observation techniques

11. Causal research design: experimentation

12. Measurement and scaling: fundamentals, comparative and non-comparative scaling

13. Questionnaire design

14. Sampling: design and procedures

15. Sampling: determining sample size

16. Survey fieldwork

17. Social media research

18. Mobile research

19. Data integrity

20. Frequency distribution, cross-tabulation and hypothesis testing

21. Analysis of variance and covariance

22. Correlation and regression

23. Discriminant and logit analysis

24. Factor analysis

25. Cluster analysis

26. Multidimensional scaling and conjoint analysis

27. Structural equation modelling and path analysis

28. Communicating research findings

29. Business-to-business (b2b) marketing research

30. Research ethics, privacy and trust



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