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Social Media and Social Work: Implications and Opportunities for Practice

Social Media and Social Work: Implications and Opportunities for Practice

Publisher Bristol University Press
Year 12/03/2020
Pages 236
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781447327394
Categories Social work
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Book description

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed fresh light on the ways that social media and digital technologies can be effectively harnessed to support relationship-based social work practice. However, it has also highlighted the complex risks, ethics and practical challenges that such technologies pose. This book helps practitioners and students navigate this complex terrain and explore and build upon its multiple opportunities. It uses real-life examples to examine how practitioners can assess the impact of new technologies on their professional conduct and use them in a way that enhance public confidence and relationship-based practice. The authors explore how digital technologies can support multiple areas of service including social work with children, families and adults, mental health social work, youth justice and working with online communities. They also consider regulatory questions and provide a roadmap for good practice.

Social Media and Social Work: Implications and Opportunities for Practice

Table of contents

1. Introduction ~ Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi
2. Digital Professionalism and Social Media Ethics ~ Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi
3. Social Media and Social Work with Children and Young People and Looked After Children ~ Claudia Megele and Sherry Malik
4. Social Media and Adult Social Work ~ Peter Buzzi and Sharon Allen
5. Social Media and Mental Health Social Work ~ Ruth Allen and Peter Buzzi
6. Social Media and Youth Justice: Challenges and Possibilities for Practice ~ Naomi Thompson and Ian Joseph
7. Social Media and 'Communities of Practice' and 'Communities of Interest' ~ Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi
8. Social Media and Social work Regulation ~ Claudia Megele, Lyn Romeo and Peter Buzzi
9. Future Technology and Social Work and Social Care Practice and Education ~ Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi

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