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Herding Hemingway's Cats: Understanding how our genes work

Herding Hemingway's Cats: Understanding how our genes work

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Year 09/02/2017
Pages 288
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781472910073
Categories Medical genetics, Popular science, Genetics (non-medical)
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59.18 PLN / €12.69 / £11.01
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Book description

The language of genes has become common parlance. We know they make your eyes blue, your hair curly or your nose straight. The media tells us that our genes control the risk of cancer, heart disease, alcoholism or Alzheimer's. The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted from billions of pounds to a few hundred, and gene-based advances in medicine hold huge promise. So we've all heard of genes, but how do they actually work? There are 2.2 metres of DNA inside every one of your cells, encoding roughly 20,000 genes. These are the 'recipes' that tell our cells how to make the building blocks of life, along with myriad control switches ensuring they're turned on and off at the right time and in the right place. But rather than a static string of genetic code, this is a dynamic, writhing biological library. Figuring out how it all works - how your genes build your body - is a major challenge for researchers around the world. And what they're discovering is that far from genes being a fixed, deterministic blueprint, things are much more random and wobbly than anyone expected. Drawing on stories ranging from six toed cats and stickleback hips to Mickey Mouse mice and zombie genes - told by researchers working at the cutting edge of genetics - Kat Arney explores the mysteries in our genomes with clarity, flair and wit, creating a companion reader to the book of life itself.

Herding Hemingway's Cats: Understanding how our genes work

Table of contents

Introduction: It's All About that Base
1. It's Not What You've Got, It's What You Do With It That Counts
2. Taking Out the Garbage
3. A Bit of Dogma
4. Throwing the Switch
5. The Secret's in the Blend
6. Cats with Thumbs
7. Fish with Hips
8. Mice and Men and Mole Rats, Oh My!
9. Party Town
10. Pimp My Genome
11. Cut and Paste
12. Nature's Red Pen
13. Ever Increasing Circles
14. Silence of the Genes
15. Night of the Living Dead
16. On the Hop
17. Opening a Can of Wobbly Worms
18. Everyone's a Little Bit Mutant
19. Opening the Black Box
20. Blame the Parents
21. Meet the Mickey Mouse Mice
22. In Search of the 21st-Century Gene
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