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Isms: Understanding Photography

Isms: Understanding Photography

Publisher Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
Year 01/02/2017
Edition First
Pages 168
Version paperback
Language English
ISBN 9781474277594
Categories Photography & photographs
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Book description

Isms: Understanding Photography packs an enormous amount of detail into a handy, attractive guide tracing the evolution of photography through a series of interconnected trends, groups, themes and movements – from the invention of the photographic process to the post-internet age.

Isms: Understanding Photography

Table of contents

IntroductionHow to Use this BookSection 1: The Invention of Photography & the Recording of the World: 1826-1910sSection 2: Into the Modern: 1850s-1930sSection 3: Society & Humanity: 1930s-70sSection 4: The Postmodern: 1950s-90sSection 5: Contemporary Photography: 1980s-List of PhotographersChronology of IsmsGlossary of Useful TermsList of CollectionsPhotographic Credits

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