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The Final FRCR: Self-Assessment

The Final FRCR: Self-Assessment

Publisher Apple Academic Press Inc.
Year 18/12/2020
Pages 234
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781482259742
Categories Radiology, Medical study & revision guides
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Book description

This is an SBA question book aimed at the post-graduate radiology market, specifically those taking the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiology (FRCR) part 2 ('final') exams. This is a complementary title to The Final FRCR: Complete Revision Notes, which published in 2018. Part 2 of the FRCR is itself composed of two elements. Part 2a is a series of six multiple choice exams covering the major body systems: musculoskeletal & trauma, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, head and neck, pediatrics and chest. Part 2b involves a written exam and an oral viva and is typically taken at the beginning of the fourth year of specialty training. Approximately 700-1000 trainees sit the exam each year. The SBAs would also be applicable for those studying for other exams or coming to the UK to sit the UK exams from Asia and the Middle East. Key Features Resource designed for those taking the final FRCR (UK exam) designed to be a complementary product to The Final FRCR: Complete Revision Notes. Templated question format across the six major body systems. Written by recent graduates of the FRCR exams who know how best to approach the topic. Reviewed by senior advisors.

The Final FRCR: Self-Assessment

Table of contents


1: Paper 1

Answers 1

2: Paper 2

Answers 2

3: Paper 3

Answers 3

4: Paper 4

Answers 4

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