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Materials Planning with SAP

Materials Planning with SAP

Publisher SAP Press
Year 01/10/2015
Edition First
Pages 519
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781493211975
Categories Management & management techniques, Production & quality control management
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Book description

Balance the art and science of materials planning! Learn how to use SAP ERP to calculate what, when, and how many items are required for production with this comprehensive guide. From portfolio management and policy setting to exception monitoring and inventory optimization, you'll see the complete manufacturing picture that materials planning paints. Once implemented, evaluate your materials planning to make improvements, and move your materials planning from routine to strategic! Highlights include: Supply chain management Portfolio management Automatic and periodic policies Exception monitoring Inventory optimization SAP ERP Inefficiencies Key performance indicators Value streams

Materials Planning with SAP

Table of contents

PART I Materials Planning Basics
Materials Planning Basics
The Process of Materials Planning
The Materials Controller
Strategic and Tactical Materials Planning
Portfolio Segmentation for Decision Making
Lean and Agile Supply Chains
The Past and the Future of Materials Planning
Past Problems with Materials Requirements Planning
Today's Problems with Material Requirements Planning
A Word on Customizing
The Old Paradigm and the New
Future Potential in Operations, Supply Chain, and Materials Management
Planning the Future with an Unconstrained Supply Plan
Building Blocks of Materials Planning
Strategic and Tactical Materials Planning
Scientific Theories and Global Integration
PART II Materials Planning in SAP ERP
Principles of Effective Materials Planning
Supply Chain Strategy and Performance Boundaries
Developing User Guidelines and a Policy Playbook
Setting Control Limits
The Competent Materials Controller
Prioritized Portfolio Management
Portfolio Basics in SAP
Responsibilities and Accountability
Using Buckets
Monitoring Your Portfolio
Automated and Periodic Policy Setting
Employing Strategies and Policies in an Enterprise
Segmenting a Materials Portfolio
Replenishment Policies
Planning Policies
Setting Policy
Using the SAP Add-On Tools for Segmentation and Policy Setting
Intelligent Exception Monitoring
Exception Monitoring in SAP ERP
Building a Monitoring System for Exceptional Situations
Using the SAP Add-On Tool MRP Exception Monitor
Sustainable Inventory Optimization
Performing Inventory Analysis
Employing Inventory Strategies with Meaningful Key Performance Indicators
Making Inventory Optimization Sustainable
SAP Add-On Tools for Inventory Optimization
PART III Evaluating, Measuring, and Improving Materials Planning
Key Performance and Supply Chain Indicators
The Balanced Scorecard
The Supply Chain Performance Index Framework
Putting It All Together
SAP Add-On Tools for Performance Measurement
Traditional Inefficiencies
Dealing with an Unmanageable Amount of Exception Messages
An Isolated Sales Department
A Buyer without a Cause
Fiddling with Policy
Capacity Planning
Using Sales Orders for Intercompany Stock Transfers
Chasing Demand
Hiding the Buffer
The Reorder Point Dilemma When Sourcing from Another Plant
The Hang-from-the-Ceiling Strategy
Improvement and Optimization Programs

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