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Teaching Math in Middle School

Teaching Math in Middle School

Publisher Paul H Brookes Publishing Co, Inc
Year 08/07/2019
Version eBook: Reflowable eTextbook (ePub)
Language English
ISBN 9781681253466
Categories Numeracy strategies
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Book description

Make all your middle schoolers confident and competent mathematicians with this book, your accessible guide to teaching math to every learner in Grades 6-8. Focused on knocking down roadblocks to learning, this reader-friendly resource shows you how to use multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)—a powerful, widely adopted framework for meeting each student's individual needs. You'll learn how to deliver high-quality, evidence-based math instruction; combine your instruction with meaningful assessment; and provide just-right supports that help students conquer their specific math struggles. An essential guide for in-service educators—and an important resource for teachers in training—this book gives you the in-depth knowledge and practical tools you need to support every student's success in middle school math. DISCOVER HOW TO: Implement MTSS to benefit all students. Develop and use tiered supports across your whole school, promote collaboration between general and special educators, and troubleshoot your MTSS. Build foundational numeracy skills. Help your students strengthen the three pillars of numeracy that build algebraic proficiency. Design and deliver effective math instruction. Use today's recommended practices to teach all students, and develop Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions that really help struggling learners. Choose and use effective supports. Distinguish between differentiation, accommodation, and modification, and learn when and how to use them. Use data to make decisions. Learn how to select and use screeners, diagnostic assessments, progress monitoring tools, and summative assessments—and use results to shape instruction. PRACTICAL MATERIALS: More than a dozen downloadable forms help you plan for MTSS and implement what you learned from the book, vignettes and sample problems model best practices, and interviews with real-life educators brim with valuable advice on implementing MTSS in math education.

Teaching Math in Middle School

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