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Change Manager

Change Manager

Publisher BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Year 01/07/2019
Edition First
Pages 248
Version paperback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9781780174648
Categories Management & management techniques, Information technology industries, Computing: general
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Book description

Change management is about the control of all changes that have an effect on the IT services and hence, the business of an organisation. This practical book describes the change manager role in depth including purpose, typical responsibilities and required skills. Change management methods, techniques, useful tools and relevant standards and frameworks are also covered, and career progression opportunities are discussed. 'Constructed on practical advice, exploring many of the myths about the IT change manager but delivered with a sense of humour and importantly, a huge dose of realism.' -- Sandra Whittleston * IT Service Management Educator and Researcher, Open University * 'How refreshing to find a book about IT Change Management written by someone who clearly understands the subject, with a wealth of practical knowledge and experience shared with the reader...Buy this book and it won't sit on the shelf - it will be read and used as both a reference and an educational tool.' -- Marny Thompson MBCS CITP 'Represents a treasure trove of information presented from the perspective of the individual rather than the process viewpoint, exploring aspects including; culture, structure, staff, process, tools and service providers. It draws on the author's extensive practical experience working with small businesses through to multi-nationals and is recommended both for those considering a career in the field and existing change managers. Those already working in change management will find themselves nodding with familiarity while reading, perhaps realising they are not alone in the challenges they face while identifying new ways to improve their existing environment or advance their career. For those considering or beginning a career in change management the role-based perspective delivers in a way that many other publications do not.' -- Jim Hill MBCS CITP, CQP MCQI * Security Programme Manager, Whitbread Plc * 'If I have one criticism about this book it is that it was needed many years ago. The good news is that it is still very relevant and it's not too late to have a huge impact. It could be argued that it is in fact even more relevant now, because the industry has demonstrated all too frequently in the past that they really need sound advice and guidance on the Change Manager role and the character of any incumbent. All too frequently companies have focused more on the role than the person fulfilling it. This book goes a long way to correcting that. The linking to SFIAplus is an approach of genius because it highl

Change Manager

Table of contents

Overview of the Field
The Change Manager Role
Change Manager Activities
Methods and Techniques
Standards and Frameworks
Interfaces and Dependencies
Career Progression and Related Roles
Case Studies

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