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Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them

Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them

Publisher Vermilion
Year 01/07/2016
Edition First
Pages 192
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
Language English
ISBN 9781785040658
Categories Child care & upbringing
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Book description

Where did I come from? What happens when you die? What's divorce? From the moment children can formulate questions they begin to bombard their parents with "Why?" "What?" "Where" and "How?" Naturally curious they often catch us off guard leaving us unsure of how to answer their questions with an appropriate response. Fully revised and updated for the digital age, this new edition of Dr Miriam Stoppard's essential parenting manual provides age-appropriate answers to a huge range of challenging questions. Drawing from extensive research in child development and specifically on what children can handle at each age, Stoppard offers parents a foundation on which they can build their own answers as their child's understanding expands.

Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them

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