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Can I Tell You About Self-Harm?

Can I Tell You About Self-Harm?

Publisher Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Year 01/01/2018
Edition First
Pages 72
Version paperback
Readership level Children/juvenile
Language English
ISBN 9781785924286
Categories Coping with personal problems, Personal & social issues: body & health (Children's/YA), Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)
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Book description

Meet Asher - a teenager who self-harms to manage their feelings when it all feels like too much. The latest in the best-selling Can I Tell You About... series describes what self-harm is, along with the wide range of behaviours that qualify, why teens do it, and how to get help if you feel the need to self-harm. Reflecting on the different aspects of self-harming behaviour, including treatment of injuries and scars, this concise introduction dispels common myths and offers helpful resources to break the cycle of self-harm. By initiating the conversation around self-harm, this guide will offer alternative avenues for children and young adults to pursue when dealing with big feelings, such as professional counselling, distraction, and friends and family. This easy-to-read guide is suitable for readers 7+, along with their parents, teachers, and friends. All author royalties from the book will go towards the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. Pooky has a knack of taking really complex situations and making them seen easier to deal with and matter-of-fact. Great advice here for anyone whose life is touched by self-harm. -- Colin Gambles, Rector at Hutchesons' Grammar School, Glasgow Written in Pooky's warm and approachable style ... a must-have in any wellbeing library and an excellent resource for adults and young people alike. -- Caro Fenice, Housemistress, Cobham Hall School Self-harm explained in a voice that is honest, frank, encouraging and informative. Advice for day-to-day challenges is clear and feasible to try. -- Anna Corbett, Registered Nurse, School Nurse Sensitively written ... It covers a subject that is still commonly not talked about and I am sure it will encourage families and schools to have a more open dialogue about self-harm. -- Dr Lucy Willetts, Clinical Psychologist When understanding of self-harm is limited and time is tight, this must be the first book to read. A 'must have' for every school wellbeing library. -- Clare Roberts, Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing, The Magna Carta School, Surrey This small book enables us to understand the complexities of self-harm and is essential reading for anyone trying to overcome self-harming behaviour, as well as their families, friends, teachers and health care professionals. -- Maxine Jameson, Associate Professor in Primary Care, London South Bank University Truly insightful ... Captures all the questions we have about self-harm. -- Shamyla Naveed, Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Pooky Knightsmith writes in an enga

Can I Tell You About Self-Harm?

Table of contents

Acknowledgements. Foreword by Jonathan Singer. 1. Introducing Asher who struggles with self-harm. 2. What is self-harm? 3. Who self-harms? 4. Attention seeking? 5. What's the link between self-harm and social media? 6. It can feel very lonely. 7. Why do people self-harm? 8. Self-harm and suicide. 9. Caring for injuries. 10. Why is it hard to stop self-harming? 11. Who can help? 12. What treatment is available? 13. How can you break the cycle?
14. Healthier alternatives to self-harm? 15. How can you distract yourself? 16. Injuries and scars? 17. How friends can help. 18. How family members can help. 19. How professionals can help. 20. What next? 21. Talking to younger children about self-harm? 22. Final thoughts from Pooky.

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