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Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong-un & Friends

Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong-un & Friends

Publisher Canongate Books Ltd
Year 03/10/2019
Pages 160
Version hardback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781786898647
Categories Political leaders & leadership, Humour
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51.00 PLN / €11.22 / £10.00
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Book description

There are many ways civilisation could end, even with wise, benevolent leaders like Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin watching over us. Now, in this fun interactive story of global doom, YOU decide how humanity perishes. Will we be turned to grey goo by Elon Musk's nanobots? Driven collectively insane by Russia's most potent memes? Or smashed to atoms by someone sitting on the wrong button in North Korea? In this book, YOU will meet the leaders with the future of civilisation in their hands. And YOUR wits and judgement will decide how we all inevitably die. Or then again, maybe, just maybe, with a little positive thinking, YOU will find a way to keep us all safe long enough to expire of old age and global warming instead. Just don't get too hopeful. On every page of Choose Your Own Apocalypse with Kim Jong-un & Friends, the end of your choice is most definitely nigh.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong-un & Friends

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