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Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro

Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/02/2019
Edition First
Pages 494
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783030051044
Categories Mathematical modelling, Thermodynamics & heat, Mathematical physics, Engineering thermodynamics, Fossil fuel technologies, Nuclear power & engineering, Power networks, systems, stations & plants
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Book description

This book explains the modelling and simulation of thermal power plants, and introduces readers to the equations needed to model a wide range of industrial energy processes. Also featuring a wealth of illustrative, real-world examples, it covers all types of power plants, including nuclear, fossil-fuel, solar and biomass. The book is based on the authors' expertise and experience in the theory of power plant modelling and simulation, developed over many years of service with EDF. In more than forty examples, they demonstrate the component elements involved in a broad range of energy production systems, with detailed test cases for each chemical, thermodynamic and thermo-hydraulic model. Each of the test cases includes the following information: * component description and parameterization data; * modelling hypotheses and simulation results; * fundamental equations and correlations, with their validity domains; * model validation, and in some cases, experimental validation; and * single-phase flow and two-phase flow modelling equations, which cover all water and steam phases. A practical volume that is intended for a broad readership, from students and researchers, to professional engineers, this book offers the ideal handbook for the modelling and simulation of thermal power plants. It is also a valuable aid in understanding the physical and chemical phenomena that govern the operation of power plants and energy processes.

Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro

Table of contents

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation.- Introduction to Thermodynamic.- Averaged Physical Quantities.- Governing Equations "Conservation Equations".- Computing Quantities.- Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants.- Boilers (Steam Generator).- Combustion Chamber.- Heat Exchangers.- Steam Turbines Modeling.- Gas Turbine Modeling.- Pumps Modeling.- Pressure Losses.- Volumes Modeling.- Machines Modeling.- Solar Collectors Modeling.- References.

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