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Semantics and Truth

Semantics and Truth

Publisher Springer Nature Customer Service Center GmbH
Year 01/01/2020
Edition First
Pages 375
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
Language English
ISBN 9783030245351
Categories Semantics, Philosophy: logic, Mathematical foundations
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Book description

The book provides a historical (with an outline of the history of the concept of truth from antiquity to our time) and systematic exposition of the semantic theory of truth formulated by Alfred Tarski in the 1930s. This theory became famous very soon and inspired logicians and philosophers. It has two different, but interconnected aspects: formal-logical and philosophical. The book deals with both, but it is intended mostly as a philosophical monograph. It explains Tarski's motivation and presents discussions about his ideas (pro and contra) as well as points out various applications of the semantic theory of truth to philosophical problems (truth-criteria, realism and anti-realism, future contingents or the concept of correspondence between language and reality).

Semantics and Truth

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Truth in Ancient Philosophy.- Chapter 2. Truth from Anselm of Canterbury to Kant.- Chapter 3. Truth in 19th and 20th Century.- Chapter 4. Tasks of Truth-Theories.- Chapter 5. Matters of Logic.- Chapter 6. Matters of Semantics.- Chapter 7. Semantic Theory of Truth-Informal Aspects.- Chapter 8. Formal Aspects of STT.- Chapter 9. Interpretative, Comparative and Philosophical Issues.

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