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Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL moves to Oxford University Press

AOAC INTERNATIONAL has announced that the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL will be exclusively available through Oxford University Press, starting January 1, 2020. The move offers subscribers a user friendly online platform with exclusive features and functionality, discounts on Oxford University Press books, and a subscriber help line to handle queries and problems. Oxford University Press will also increase the journal’s visibility through strategic marketing.

Oxford University Press has an in-depth understanding of global markets and has teams across the world that understand and meet the needs of each specific market, helping to broaden the audience of the Journal. It is expected that this move will increase the journal’s visibility both globally and locally.

In addition to the new user functionality provided by the Oxford Academic Platform, all back issues since the journal’s inception in 1915 will be searchable and accessible for the first time ever when database integration is complete in April 2020.

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Click here to read the original press release.
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