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Make the most of Ovid with these help videos

Ovid Technologies

Make the most of Ovid with these help videos!

Whether you are looking for more information about how to perform a basic search, or how to review and interpret your results, these dedicated videos will answer the most common user questions and take you through the process step-by-step.

Example of a Basic Search

This video shows you how to select a database, perform a basic search, apply filters and limits, and review search results.


Tips on using Ovid Help

This video explains how to access Ovid Help, how to navigate it, how to search topics and how to print them.


What is a Database

This video explains what a database is and how it is structured, as this helps you to design, execute and interpret your search results.


Unqualified Searches

This video explains the difference between an unqualified and qualified search, what fields are searched by default, what “.mp” multi-purpose fields are, why unqualified searches are run, and where to find more information about multi-purpose fields. 


The Database Field Guide

This video explains what information or topics are in each database, what fields are in each database, what fields are searched by default in a keyword search, and who produced each database.

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