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Wolters Kluwer releases healthcare IT tools to help hospitals and laboratories monitor COVID-19 cases


Wolters Kluwer, Health is making it easier for hospitals and laboratories to monitor COVID-19 cases from lab test to diagnosis, to treatment. Wolters Kluwer’s Sentri7® tools provide a centralised, global view of COVID-19 cases coupled with real-time alerting and automated notifiable conditions for reporting to public health agencies. Health Language® has accelerated solution updates with new SNOMED CT and ICD-10 codes to code, analyse and address COVID-19 cases.

Hospitals are seeking ways to efficiently monitor patients who have been tested for COVID-19 and minimise risk of transmission by identifying the best use of isolation precautions, personal protective equipment and other considerations. To address this need, Wolters Kluwer developed a set of new infection prevention rules for hospitals using Sentri7 that provides real-time alerts when a patient’s COVID-19-related lab test results are flagged in, or transmitted to, the EHR. The rule can be implemented in minutes, through the SoleSource® platform, to aid in monitoring coronavirus testing throughout a health system.

To save time and provide a real-time view of COVID-19-related lab tests, all positive, confirmed results now automatically populate Sentri7’s Notifiable Conditions list. For internal reporting as well as public reporting of confirmed COVID-19 cases to state and local health agencies, infection preventionists now have a one-stop source for up-to-the-minute reporting data instead of traditional methods of mining patient and specimen records in the EHR.

In order to address this emergent worldwide pandemic, the World Health Organisation has announced new ICD-10 diagnosis codes specific to COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorised the new code and due to the urgent need for reporting this condition, have announced April 1, 2020 as the effective date.

Wolters Kluwer is readying over 300,000 clinicians through HER partners who leverage the Health Language Clinical Interface Technology solution. Starting this week, clinicians now have access to new COVID-19 related search synonyms, as well as the latest SNOMED CT and ICD-10 codes, recently released by SNOMED International and CMS. These updates enable clinicians to accurately document individuals who contract COVID-19 at the point-of-care.

In partnership with CMS, AMA and SNOMED International, Wolters Kluwer is also providing its Health Language Reference Data Management customers with a centralised, single source for accessing the latest diagnosis, problem, and procedure codes associated with COVID-19. These code updates help healthcare organisations properly document, analyse, and report conditions associated with this pandemic.

Wolters Kluwer will continue to make resources related to COVID-19 available for clinicians, health systems and consumers around the world.

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