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Informa Pharma Intelligence launches free COVID-19 content hub


Informa Pharma Intelligence has announced the launch of a free coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) content hub designed to provide key information related to the global virus outbreak, including the R&D and clinical trial landscapes, news, and market events for potential therapies and vaccines. The content site is available to all consumers and data will be automatically updated daily in order to ensure findings are consistently up-to-date and reliable.

During this truly unprecedented time of uncertainty and worry for people across the globe, trustworthy information sharing is more important than ever. Pharma Intelligence is uniquely equipped to not only provide accurate and up-to-date insights on news events related to COVID-19, but also deliver the data and analysis of clinical trials, pipeline, and market events from across their suite of products to those who need it most.

The free page provides a plethora of relevant, helpful content on COVID-19 from the company’s product suite including: Data Breakdowns, Coronavirus TV, News and Insights, Podcasts, and Resources.

Data Breakdowns is an interactive dashboard providing high-level summaries of pipelines, clinical trials, market events and catalysts, and recent articles related to the COVID-19 therapies and vaccines in development. The Coronavirus TV features a collection of daily short explainer videos analysing snapshots of global research activity in 5 mins or less. The News and Insights suite offers a collection of key articles analysing news and updates taken from Pharma Intelligence’s Insights portfolio, including Scrip, Pink Sheet, Medtech Insight, In Vivo, HBW Insight, and Generics Bulletin. While the Podcasts suite provides Coronavirus related podcasts from the Pharma Intelligence content teams, Resources provides additional useful content such as curated article packs, infographics, webinars, and videos.

Additionally, a non-public, more detailed Coronavirus Analytic Solution is available for qualified Informa customers and partners. Those interested in accessing this version may directly contact Informa Pharma Intelligence at: https://pharmaintelligence.informa.com/contact/contact-us.

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