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Frontiers develops artificial intelligence tool to enable fast-track peer-review proposals for emergency COVID-19 resear


Open-access publisher Frontiers has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help funders identify specialists to peer-review proposals for emergency COVID-19 research. The tool helps fast-track the allocation of funding during the crisis by helping them identify new reviewers, and accelerates the scientific response to the virus.

Under normal circumstances, the review process for research funding typically takes place by committee and can take a matter of months. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, experts have become less available, and the urgency of the situation commands a tighter timeframe.

The publisher’s in-house technology team has exploited the AI technology they use to review research articles when they are submitted to any one of its 79 scientific journals. The Coronavirus Reviewer Recommender suggests experts based on the Frontiers knowledge graph and advanced information extraction/retrieval methods. Input can be text, such as a call for proposals, or sets of relevant publications and/or authors.

The Coronavirus Reviewer Recommender is the latest tool made available on Frontiers’ Coronavirus Knowledge Hub. This includes the Coronavirus Funding Monitor, a centralised portal of current funding opportunities for the research community offering a curated list of open funding calls and other support for researchers, non-profit organisations and commercial organisations. Both tools have been developed by Frontiers to help increase the impact of and coordinate information about unprecedented amounts of emergency research funding being mobilised across the globe to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

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