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Academic Emergency Medicine and Wiley collaborate to offer full access to online collection of breaking COVID-19 researc

Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM), the monthly journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with Wiley Publishing, is fast-tracking submissions related to COVID-19 and making the latest, most relevant research available in an easy-to-navigate, freely accessible online collection of accepted and citable articles. The move is to facilitate the rapid dissemination of COVID-19 findings.

As of date, the collection comprises the following articles: Early Self-Proning in Awake, Non-intubated Patients in the Emergency Department: A Single ED's Experience During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Comparing Rapid Scoring Systems in Mortality Prediction of Critical Ill Patients With Novel Coronavirus Disease; Containing COVID-19 in the Emergency Room: The Role of Improved Case Detection and Segregation of Suspect Cases; A Critical COVID Metric: Your ED Staff Infection Rate; Senior Medical Students in the COVID-19 Response: An Opportunity to Be Proactive; COVID-19: A Singapore Orthopedic Resident's Musings in the Emergency Department; Emergency Management of the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in Specialized Branches of Hospital; and Hospital Emergency Management Plan During the COVID-19 Epidemic.

The final edited versions of record will appear online and in future digital issues of Academic Emergency Medicine journal. New research will be added to the collection as soon as it is accepted and available. To view the latest COVID-19 research from AEM, please visit: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/15532712/covid19.

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