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Free access during pandemic

Free Access to Cochrane’s COVID-19 pandemic resources guaranteed


All of Cochrane’s COVID-19 related evidence will continue to be freely available to everyone, everywhere on the Cochrane Library (full text) and at Cochrane.org.

Cochrane’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is providing high-quality, relevant and up-to-date synthesised research evidence to inform health decision-making in containing and combating the effects of the virus.

Since March 26, 2020, Cochrane – with its publishing partner, Wiley – granted everyone in every country of the world, temporary unrestricted access to the complete Cochrane Library. This unprecedented decision ensured Cochrane evidence was accessible for all those involved in combating the pandemic and its effects on global public health until Cochrane could curate, develop and publish more specific COVID-19-related evidence.

Over the last two months Cochrane has published: six ‘special collections’ of Cochrane evidence relating to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19; five Cochrane rapid reviews; a full Cochrane Review on Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare staff; Cochrane’s ‘COVID-19 Study Register’ of primary research studies; The April 2020 issue of the Cochrane Library App; and The Cochrane Library Journal Club.

All of the material – and all of Cochrane’s future COVID-19 related evidence – will continue to be freely available to everyone, everywhere on the Cochrane Library and at Cochrane.org. Cochrane and Wiley will also continue to provide free one-click access to the complete Cochrane Library for those living in 126 Low- and Middle-Income Countries. But normal access controls to the Cochrane Library has now been re-introduced and subscribed content will only be available to users who have a license.

Cochrane recently set out the new COVID-19 evidence it was developing to be published and made freely available in the next stage of its response over the coming six months. This will include: two new ‘Special Collections’ to be published in June; and Cochrane Rapid Reviews, Cochrane Systematic Reviews and Network Meta Analyses.

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