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Oxford University Press adds hundreds of new titles on Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford University Press (OUP) has added hundreds of new titles on Oxford Scholarship Online. These titles join OUP’s vast online library, giving users digital access to significant academic works for the first time.

Oxford Scholarship Online combines OUP’s world-leading scholarship with an easy-to-use online platform that helps support scholars to conduct ground-breaking research wherever they are. In November 2020, OUP is expanding current online offering with more than 600 works from existing publishing across seven new modules on Oxford Scholarship Online: Archaeology, Chemistry, Clinical Medicine and Allied Health, Computer Science, Earth Sciences and Geography, Education, and Environmental Science. Pivotal works will be available digitally for the first time, helping students and academics examine scholarly research from everywhere.

Digital access has become more crucial than ever before in the last twelve months as Covid-19 restrictions have deprived researchers of the opportunity to browse library shelves and pore over the pages in person. OUP’s recent report into the fate of the academic monograph in a digital environment revealed how much scholars are crying-out for solid works of scholarship to be placed online in fully functional formats, and Oxford Scholarship Online offers students, scholars, and academics with the chance to consult world-renowned academic publishing list via an easily accessible platform.

OUP is committed to supporting the academic community during the challenging times with more digital initiatives appearing soon. Plans are also in place to add new titles to the modules on Oxford Scholarship Online as they publish and to digitise further existing content later in 2020.

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