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Springer Nature CEO calls for partnership across research community

Springer Nature’s Chief Executive Officer Frank Vrancken Peeters will call for partnership within publishing and the wider research community, pointing to the benefits such engagement has delivered over the past year during the corona-virus pandemic.

In a keynote address at the thirteenth annual Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) Conference in Berlin, Frank Vrancken Peeters will provide evidence and data gathered over the past year to set-out the need for a collaborative approach by research publishers in order for the benefits offered by open science to be fully realised - one which has partnership, collaboration, open access and transparency at its heart.

With numerous successful partnerships underway, Springer Nature has a strong bank of evidence, which demonstrates the real tangible benefits that can be achieved by being open to such partnerships.

For example, delivering increased publishing options to researchers and enabled the transition to OA at scale by Transformative Agreements with the likes of Projekt DEAL and the University of California; improving access and discoverability of research through partnerships such as that with ResearchGate for content syndication and being founding members of cross-publisher initiatives like Crossref and Get FTR; enhancing understanding of the societal impact of open research by working with data specialists like Digital Science and institutions and consortia such as VSNU and UKB in the Netherlands; demonstrating the importance of research to making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals by partnering with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network on a high-level global virtual conference that connected almost 1000 researchers, experts working alongside UN officials, government representatives, civil society leaders and policymakers.

Vrancken Peeters is equally clear that not only is more partnership and collaboration needed, but Open Access, which is a fundamental building block of Open Science, must be ‘gold’ not ‘green’, as giving access to the final published version of record is the only way to achieve real and meaningful open science.

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