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The Biggest eTextbooks Collection
2018-11-01 - 2019-12-31


The Biggest eTextbooks Collection 

We are pleased to offer an access to

the wide range of eTextbooks and Digital Workbooks.

 More than 1 million titles from over 1,000 publishers,

available at the most widely used digital content platform in the world.

Through seamless integration with your institution’s systems

the content you need is just a click away.

 Why eTextbooks and digital workbooks?

  • Immersive, engaging, and efficient learning experiences
  • Study tools to support a variety of student study needs
  • Access to content anytime, anywhere, including 100% offline access
  • Seamless integration into your learning management system or virtual learning environment

eTextbooks major advantages:

  1. Use Table of Contents and Search to easy navigation between pages and sections.
  2. Read in comfort – zoom and adjust font size due to your preferences.
  3. Personalise content by making and sharing bookmarks, notes and highlights.
  4. Cite content correctly, quickly and in a variety of citation styles.
  5. Learn collaboratively- subscribe to classmates’ or instructor’s highlights and notes.
  6. Carry your notes wherever you are with export to OneNote.

How to get access to the digital versions of thextbooks?

To get more information, please contact our

Customer Service or [email protected].

Check video below to learn more:

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