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About ABE Publishing House

ABE Publishing House was established in 2004 in response for the market needs for professional publications  in the scope of design, pattern-designing, visual arts as well as photography. The first publication, which came out in the frame of  ABE Publishing House, was the book by the British designer Lakshmi Bhaskaran, with the title "Design of the Times". The second edition of this popular design encyclopaedia is still very popular among readers. Until January 2009, we have published additional seventeen publications, significantly extending the subject of designing in advertising, pattern-designing and fashion.

Lately we have published a book written by international authorities in the field of advertising and graphics: Stephen Heller and Mirko llic, with the title "Icons of Graphic Design". The books of our publishing house, which inspire creativity, both among amateurs as well as professional designers, find their use in education on the elementary, intermediate and advanced level. The presentation of the latest international trends in the subject of visual arts is an irreplaceable scientific help for designers and artists.  

We have been continuously working on another publications...

We would like to invite you to read the reviews, which are placed under every title presented below.

Journal editorial offices as well as thematic services that would like to review our publications, are kindly asked to send orders for editorial copies to our office address. Books can be purchased in our bookstore as well as through internet and stationary bookshops around the country. 

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