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Textbook Made-to-Measure

Textbook Made-to-Measure

Are you an academic lecturer? Would you like to create your own textbook for your course? The project “Textbook Made-to-Measure” is for all those who would like to compile a perfect study guide for their students – and all in three simple steps:

  1. select fragments of textbooks which you would like to use in your course
  2. add your own content
  3. prepare online content to make your textbook interactive.

Such publication would be ideally suited for your students’ needs.

Precise conditions and structure of the publication would depend on the chosen publisher. Currently, the following publishers participate in this project:

  • Pearson Education
  • Cengage Learning
  • Routledge
  • Wiley.

The content may be in Polish or in English, according to your choice. We can help you to translate chapters, edit and prepare a layout of the content you contribute.

Visual aids (tables, graphs, images, etc.) may be added.

As online add-ons you may add among others:

  • quizzes and tests
  • additional assignments
  • hits and suggestions for further study
  • dynamic tables and graphs
  • additional text and case studies
  • and more!

Cover of such textbook would be custom-made and may include logo of the University, as well as the names of all the authors whose materials were used in the textbook (including the name of the compiling author).

Our company coordinates the  whole process and helps the author to:

  • receive all details for working on the project
  • see samples of the “made-to-measure” textbooks already produced
  • negotiate the contract with the publisher
  • translate, edit and lay out the compilation and communicate with the publisher.

Create your own textbook – it will be appreciated by your students, who will finally have a perfect study material – all ready in a single book!

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