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Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World

Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World

Wydawnictwo Penguin Books Ltd
Data wydania 30/07/2020
Liczba stron 448
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9780241309124
Kategorie Pamiętniki, Filozofia popularna, Ideologie polityczne, Geopolityka, Ekonomika środowiska, Myśl i ideologia środowiska, Wpływ środowiska na społeczeństwo, Zagadnienia ogólne z historii Ziemi, Pozostałe
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"It's a positive, useful book - how to make choices. We need to get governments on board. I wish Lily was world controller" -- Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer and founder of Vivienne Westwood Ltd. Optimism demands action. Optimism is an active choice. Optimism is not naive and it is not impossible. Many people perceive this to be a moment of despair. Global warming has reached terrifying heights of severity, human expansion has caused the extinction of countless species and neoliberalism has led to a destructive divide in wealth and a polarization of mainstream politics. But, there are constructive ways to meet these challenges, and there are plenty of reasons for optimism. Lily Cole has met with some of the millions of people around the world who are working on solutions to our biggest challenges and are committed to creating a more sustainable and peaceful future for humanity. Exploring issues from fast fashion to fast food and renewable energy to gender equality, and embracing debate, the book features interviews with diverse voices from entrepreneurs Stella McCartney and Elon Musk, to activists Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook and Farhana Yamin, to offer a beacon of possibility in challenging times. Who Cares Wins is a rousing call to action that will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference. We are the ancestors of our future: a generation that will either be celebrated for its activism or blamed for its apathy. It is for us to choose optimism, to make changes and to create the future we want. 'A call to action for a better future' - The Observer Magazine 'Uplifting and much-needed' - Stylist, Best Summer Reads of 2020 The Guardian Summer Reading Round Up 2020 pick

Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World

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