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Market Towns: Roles, challenges and prospects

Market Towns: Roles, challenges and prospects

Wydawnictwo Taylor & Francis Ltd
Data wydania 01/07/2015
Liczba stron 200
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9780415541114
Kategorie Planowanie i architektura miejska, Społeczności obszarów miejskich, Planowanie urbanistyczne i miejskie
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Original and insightful, this volume, giving in-depth consideration to the key issues affecting the future of market towns, provides readers with a framework for evaluating policy initiatives and progress in market towns. Through a detailed analysis of the characteristics of over 200 towns and in-depth studies of eleven towns in different parts of England, the authors identify and explore a number of key roles for market towns. Such as: retirement towns commuter towns employment centres service centres tourist towns. Setting the results in the context of past and current policy, they consider in more detail some of the critical issues, including increased personal mobility, aging populations, housing growth and affordability, employment and retail competitiveness. Drawing on this detailed case study material, a final section explores the future role of market towns as sustainable communities and how they might best assure their futures. Addressing issues which have not yet been covered in contemporary planning literature, this comprehensive volume provides a wide-ranging discussion that will appeal to those involved at all levels of practice related to market towns as well as to academics and students working in both rural and urban geography and planning.

Market Towns: Roles, challenges and prospects

Spis treści

1. Introduction Neil Powe and Trevor Hart Part 1: Characteristics, Roles and Policy 2. Market Town Characteristics 3. Exploring Contemporary Functional Roles 4. Policies for Market Towns Part 2: Issues and Challenges 5. Transport Geoff Vigar 6. Ready or Not: The Ageing of Market Towns' Population Rose Gilroy, Liz Brooks and Timothy Shaw 7. Market Towns, Housing and Regeneration Stuart Cameron and Mark Shucksmith 8. Implications of Housing Allocations for Market Towns Susannah Gunn and Neil Powe 9. Market Towns and Rural Employment Trevor Hart and Neil Powe 10. Visiting the Shops: Rural Service Centre or Visitor Attraction? Neil Powe and Trevor Hart Part 3: What Prospects for Market Towns? 11. Drivers for Change in the Case Study Towns 12. Market Towns: Roles, Challenges and Prospects

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