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Clinical Emergency Radiology

Clinical Emergency Radiology

Wydawnictwo Cambridge University Press
Data wydania 01/03/2017
Wydanie Drugie
Liczba stron 650
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
Język angielski
ISBN 9781107065796
Kategorie Medycyna ratunkowa i pomoc w nagłych wypadkach, Radiologia
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Opis książki

This book is a highly visual guide to the radiographic and advanced imaging modalities - such as computed tomography and ultrasonography - that are frequently used by physicians during the treatment of emergency patients. Covering practices ranging from ultrasound at the point of care to the interpretation of CT scan results, this book contains over 2,200 images, each with detailed captions and line-art that highlight key findings. Within each section, particular attention is devoted to practical tricks of the trade and tips for avoiding common pitfalls. Overall, this book is a useful source for experienced clinicians, residents, mid-level providers, or medical students who want to maximize the diagnostic accuracy of each modality without losing valuable time.

Clinical Emergency Radiology

Spis treści

Part I. Plain Radiography: 1. Plain radiography of the upper extremity in adults Kenny Banh and Gregory W. Hendey; 2. Lower extremity plain radiography Anthony J. Medak, Tudor H. Hughes and Stephen R. Hayden; 3. Chest radiograph Peter DeBlieux and Lisa Mills; 4. Plain film evaluation of the abdomen Anthony J. Dean and Ross Kessler; 5. Plain radiography of the c-spine Eric Fox Silman; 6. Thoracic and lumbar spine Olusola Balogun, Natalie Kmetuk and Christine Kulstad; 7. Plain radiography of the pediatric extremity Kenneth T. Kwon and Lauren M. Pellman; 8. Plain radiographs of the pediatric chest Loren G. Yamamoto; 9. Plain film radiographs of the pediatric abdomen Loren G. Yamamoto; 10. Plain radiography in child abuse Kenneth T. Kwon; 11. Plain radiography in the elderly Ross Kessler and Anthony J. Dean; Part II. Ultrasound: 12. Introduction to bedside ultrasound Michael Peterson and Zahir Basrai; 13. Physics of ultrasound Seric S. Cusick and Theodore J. Nielsen; 14. Biliary ultrasound William Scruggs and Laleh Gharahbaghian; 15. Trauma ultrasound Bret Nelson; 16. Deep venous thrombosis Eitan Dickman, David Blehar and Romolo Gaspari; 17. Cardiac ultrasound Chris Moore and James Hwang; 18. Emergency ultrasonography of the kidneys and urinary tract Anthony J. Dean and Ross Kessler; 19. Ultrasonography of the abdominal aorta Deepak Chandwani; 20. Ultrasound-guided procedures Daniel D. Price and Sharon R. Wilson; 21. Abdominal-pelvic ultrasound Mike Lambert; 22. Ocular ultrasound Viet Tran and Zareth Irwin; 23. Testicular ultrasound Paul R. Sierzenski and Gillian Baty; 24. Abdominal ultrasound Shane Arishenkoff; 25. Emergency musculoskeletal ultrasound Tala Elia and JoAnne McDonough; 26. Soft tissue ultrasound Seric S. Cusick and Katrina Dean; 27. Ultrasound in resuscitation Anthony J. Weekes and Resa E. Lewiss; Part III. Computed Tomography: 28. CT in the ED: special considerations Tarina Kang and Melissa Joseph; 29. CT of the spine Michael E. R. Habicht and Samantha Costantini; 30. CT imaging of the head Marlowe Majoewsky and Stuart Swadron; 31. CT imaging of the face Saud Siddiqui and Monica Kathleen Wattana; 32. CT of the chest Jonathan Patane and Megan Boysen-Osborn; 33. CT of the abdomen and pelvis Nichole S. Meissner and Matthew O. Dolich; 34. CT angiography of the chest Swaminatha V. Gurudevan and Reza Arsanjani; 35. CT angiography of the abdominal vasculature Kathleen Latouf and Steve Nanini; 36. CT angiography of the head and neck Saud Siddiqui and Monica Wattana; 37. CT angiography of the extremities Nilash

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