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Populist Discourse

Populist Discourse

Wydawnictwo Routledge
Data wydania 01/03/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 316
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781138541481
Kategorie Język: historia oraz prace ogólne, Socjolingwistyka, Lingwistyka w ELT, Kampanie polityczne i reklama, Pozostałe
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Populist Discourse brings together experts from both linguistics and political science to analyse the language of populist leaders and the media's representation of populism in different temporal, geographical and ideological contexts, including Nazi Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Greece, the UK, the US and South America. With 17 contributions split into four sections, Populist Discourse covers a variety of approaches such as corpus-based discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis and political perspectives, making it a timely dissection for students and researchers working in linguistics, political science and communication. "This is a timely and significant collection that probes the most disturbing and dangerous political phenomenon of our civilisation. Anyone concerned about the resurgence of populism and nationalism will benefit from the insights of the contributors to this volume. Understanding what is going on is but a first step, but a crucial one." Paul Chilton, Lancaster University, UK

Populist Discourse

Spis treści


Populism, a difficult concept to define

Populism is a strategy *

Populism is an ideology *

Populism is a discursive style *

Populism as a global phenomenon *

Types of populism *

The aims and contents of this edited volume *

References *




1 - The Politics of Authenticity in Populist Discourse

Enrique Arroyas Langa and Victoria Fernandez Ilundain

2 - The rising of populist parties in Italy. Techno-populism between neo-liberalism and direct democracy

Emiliana De Blasio and Michele Sorice

3 - Rewriting the news: The Amphibian relationship between populist Podemos and print media in Spain

Ismael Ibanez-Rosales

4 - Populism and the media factor: The Portuguese case in a European comparative perspective

Paula do Espirito Santo and Rita Figueiras

5 - Populist discourse in the 21st century. The definition of otherness in Twitter in the cases of Spain, Bolivia and Venezuela

Javier G. Marin and Oscar G. Luengo


6 - Us vs. Them: Polarisation and populist discourses in the online electoral campaign in Spain

An Ruiz-Sanchez and Manuel Alcantara-Pla

7 - Imagining the people in UKIP and Labour

Ruth Breeze

8 - 'For the many, not the few': A transitivity analysis of Labour's 2017 manifesto as a driving force for promoting a populist Britain

Leanne Bartley

9 - Little old UK voting Brexit and some Austrian friends: A corpus-driven analysis of the 2016 UK right-wing tabloid discourse

Pascual Perez-Paredes

10 - Disability in the populist press: An investigation of British tabloids

Maria Cristina Nisco

11 - Speculations about the future: Populism and climate change in contemporary news discourse

Katherine E. Russo


12 - Populist metaphorical utterances

John Keating and Belen Soria

13 - Populismus in National Socialism: Aesthetization and language in the Nazi rhetoric

Christina Holgado Saez and Leopoldo La Rubia de Prado

14 - Donald Trump is a Conqueror: How cognitive analysis of Trump's discourse reveals his worldview

Heather McCallum-Bayliss

15 - Left-wing poulist discourses in the Greek press

Themis Kaniklidou

16 - New politics and the voice of the people. A study on populist language in Spanish political discourse

Francisco Jose Sanchez Garcia

17 - Metaphors portraying right-wing politician

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