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Experiencing MIS, Global Edition plus Pearson MyLab MIS with Pearson eText, Global Edition

Experiencing MIS, Global Edition plus Pearson MyLab MIS with Pearson eText, Global Edition

Wydawnictwo Pearson Education
Data wydania 01/02/2020
Wydanie 8
Forma publikacji zestaw
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781292267135
Kategorie Matematyka w biznesie i systematyka
370.00 PLN (z VAT)
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Opis książki

For undergraduate Introductory Management Information Systems courses.


Help students understand the ways information systems are transforming business

As technology continues to change the way organizations do business, knowledge of MIS is critical. Experiencing MIS illustrates how organizations use information systems to solve business problems every day. This modular text uses illustrative cases, exercises, projects, and other aids to ensure students connect concepts to everyday life by making MIS interesting and relevant to them. Changes and highlights in the 8th Edition keep pace with the fast-moving world of MIS and keep students up to date and knowledgeable on how to apply emerging technologies to better achieve their organization’s strategies. Unique and updated guides within each chapter highlight themes in ethics, security, MIS careers, and other timely topics.


Also available with Pearson MyLab MIS

MyLab™ is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyLab personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student.  Learn more about Pearson MyLab MIS.

Experiencing MIS, Global Edition plus Pearson MyLab MIS with Pearson eText, Global Edition

Spis treści

Part 1: Why MIS?

1. The Importance of MIS

CE1. Collaboration Information Systems for Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Project Management

2. Business Processes, Information Systems, and Information

CE2. Collaborative Information Systems for Student Projects

3. Organizational Strategy, Information Systems, and Competitive Advantage

Part 2: Information Technology

4. Hardware and Software

CE3. Mobile Systems

CE4. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016

5. Database Processing

CE5. Database Design

CE6. Using Microsoft Access 2016

CE7. Using Excel and Access Together

6. The Cloud

CE8. Network and Cloud Technology

Part 3: Using IS for Competitive Advantage

7. Processes, Organizations, and Information Systems

CE9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

CE10. Supply Chain Management

8. Social Media Information Systems

CE11. Enterprise Social Networks and Knowledge Management

9. Business Intelligence Systems

CE12. Database Marketing

CE13. Reporting Systems and OLAP

CE14. Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Part 4: Information Systems Management

10. Information Systems Security

11. Information Systems Management

CE15. Data Breaches

CE16. International MIS

CE17. Systems Development Project Management

12. Information Systems Development

CE18. Agile Development

CE19. Business Process Management

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