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Achieving Democracy: Democratization in Theory and Practice

Achieving Democracy: Democratization in Theory and Practice

Wydawnictwo Continuum Publishing Corporation
Data wydania 15/09/2011
Liczba stron 416
Forma publikacji książka w twardej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
ISBN 9781441191793
Kategorie Nauka i teoria polityczna, Polityka komparatywna
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Opis książki

Achieving Democracy opens with a discussion of the historical development of democracy, examining its benefits and various theoretical explanations. It then proceeds to test these theories with empirical evidence, through the examination of country cases studies from the first, second, and third waves of democracy. These case studies were carefully selected for their theoretical importance as well as their geographic, economic, and demographic diversity. Lastly, the work presents an assessment of the potential for democracy in the Middle East based on what is learned from the case studies and concludes with a synthesizing of the findings. Pedagogical tools appear throughout, including hypothesis-testing exercises, discussion questions, tables summarizing primary independent variables associated with democratization, summary of evidence to support or refute a variable's importance, and further readings. Achieving Democracy fills in a gap in the literature by presenting democratic theory in an accessible manner to intermediate undergraduate students, supplying them with the necessary tools to assess theories empirically and to understand democratization fully.

Achieving Democracy: Democratization in Theory and Practice

Spis treści

Foreword -Mitchell Seligson Section 1: Introduction to Democratic Development 1. Democracy's March through History - Marlene Sokolon and Mary Fran T. Malone 2. Why Democracy? - Jonathon Hiskey and Alynna Lyon 3. Explaining Democratization - Mary Fran T. Malone Section 2: First Wave of Democracy 4. The Development and Growth of British Democracy - Nicoletta F. Gullace 5. The American Road to Democracy: An Early Start, but Late Finish - Marvin P. King, Jr., Stephanie McLean 6. The Emergence and Evolution of Democracy in Switzerland - Paolo Dardanelli Section 2 Discussion Questions and Hypothesis Testing Exercise Section 3: Second Wave of Democracy 7. From Defeat and Division to Democracy in Germany - Paul Fritz 8. The Transformation of Japanese Democracy - Mary Alice Haddad 9. India's Democracy: Success against the Odds - Laura Jenkins and Harita Patel Section 3 Discussion Questions and Hypothesis Testing Exercise Section 4: Third Wave of Democracy 10. Democracy Interrupted and Restored: the Case of Chile - Mary Fran T. Malone 11. Poland's Democratic Development - Ewa Golebiowska 12. South Africa's Miraculous Transition to Democracy - Emily Rodio Section 4 Discussion Questions and Hypothesis Testing Exercise Section 5: Conclusion 13. Why is Democracy Elusive in the Middle East? - Jeannie Sowers 14. The Promotion of Democracy: Actors and Methods - Dinorah Azpuru Section 5 Discussion Questions and Hypothesis Testing Exercise Afterword - Mary Fran T. Malone

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