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The Don: The Story of Toronto's Infamous Jail

The Don: The Story of Toronto's Infamous Jail

Wydawnictwo Dundurn Group Ltd
Data wydania 11/03/2021
Liczba stron 272
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Literatura popularna
ISBN 9781459745964
Kategorie Budynki użyteczności publicznej: władz miejskich, komercyjne i przemysłowe, Prawdziwe historie kryminalne, Historia Ameryk, Więziennictwo i kara
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An in-depth exploration of the Don Jail from its inception through jailbreaks and overcrowding to its eventual shuttering and rebirth. Conceived as a "palace for prisoners," the Don Jail never lived up to its promise. Although based on progressive nineteenth-century penal reform and architectural principles, the institution quickly deteriorated into a place of infamy where both inmates and staff were in constant danger of violence and death. Its mid-twentieth-century replacement, the New Don, soon became equally tainted. Along with investigating the origins and evolution of Toronto's infamous jail, The Don presents a kaleidoscope of memorable characters - inmates, guards, governors, murderous gangs, meddlesome politicians, harried architects, and even a pair of star-crossed lovers whose doomed romance unfolded in the shadow of the gallows. This is the story of the Don's tumultuous descent from palace to hellhole, its shuttering and lapse into decay, and its astonishing modern-day metamorphosis.

The Don: The Story of Toronto's Infamous Jail

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Author's Note
1. Out with the Old
2. Location, Location, Location
3. Paradise Lost
4. In with the New
5. Cornerstones
6. A Change of Plan
7. Fire
8. The End Result
9. Governor of Long Standing
10. Greener Pastures
11. Folk Hero
12. Vera Walks Free
13. A Fire Hand
14. War Hero
15. The Polka Dot Gang
16. The Great Escape
17. Cop Killers
18. The End of the Line
19. A New Beginning
20. Crowded Corner
21. At Death's Door
22. Down with the Don
23. From Bad to Worse
24. Adaptive Reuse
25. Digging Up the Past
26. Makeover
27. Remember the Don
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