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Refugees' Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace: Beyond Beneficiaries

Refugees' Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace: Beyond Beneficiaries

Wydawnictwo Georgetown University Press
Data wydania 01/06/2019
Liczba stron 321
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9781626166752
Kategorie Uchodźcy i azyl polityczny
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Opis książki

How are refugee crises solved? This has become an urgent question as global displacement rates continue to climb, and refugee situations now persist for years if not decades. The resolution of displacement and the conflicts that force refugees from their homes is often explained as a top-down process led and controlled by governments and international organizations. This book takes a different approach. Through contributions from scholars working in politics, anthropology, law, sociology and philosophy, and a wide range of case studies, it explores the diverse ways in which refugees themselves interpret, create and pursue solutions to their plight. It investigates the empirical and normative significance of refugees' engagement as agents in these processes, and their implications for research, policy and practice. This book speaks both to academic debates and to the broader community of peacebuilding, humanitarian and human rights scholars concerned with the nature and dynamics of agency in contentious political contexts, and identifies insights that can inform policy and practice.

Refugees' Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace: Beyond Beneficiaries

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ForewordFrancois Crepeau


Introduction: Shaping the Struggles of Their TimesMegan Bradley, James Milner and Blair Peruniak

Part I: Refugees and Resolution Processes: Disciplinary Perspectives

1. Durable Solutions and the Political Action of RefugeesKaren Jacobsen

2. Refugees, Peacebuilding, and the Anthropology of the GoodCindy Horst

3. Displacement Resolution and "Massively Shared Agency"Blair Peruniak

4. Transformative Justice and Legal Conscientization: Refugee Participation in Peace Processes, Repatriation, and ReconciliationAnna Purkey

Part II: Pursing Peace and Social Reconstruction: Displaced Persons' Roles

5. Complex Victimhood and Social Reconstruction after War and DisplacementErin Baines

6. Refugees, Peacebuilding, and Paternalism: Lessons from MozambiqueJames Milner

7. Displaced Persons as Symbols of Grievance: Collective Identity, Individual Rights and Durable SolutionsPatrik Johansson

Part III: Seeking "Solutions" to Displacement within and beyond Traditional Frameworks

8. Shunning Solidarity: Durable Solutions in a Fluid EraLoren B. Landau

9. "Grabbing" Solutions: Internal Displacement and Post-Disaster Land Occupations in HaitiAngela Sherwood

10. From IDPs to Victims in Colombia: Reflections on Durable Solutions in the Postconflict SettingJulieta Lemaitre and Kristin Bergtora Sandvik

11. Refugees' Roles in Resettlement from Uganda and Tanzania: Agency, Intersectionality, and RelationshipsChristina Clark-Kazak and Marnie Jane Thomson

12. Liberian Refugee Protest and the Meaning of AgencyAmanda Coffie

13. From Roots to Rhizomes: Mapping Rhizomatic Strategies in the Sahrawi and Palestinian Protracted Refugee SituationsElena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here?James Milner, Megan Bradley, and Blair Peruniak

List of ReferencesList of ContributorsIndex

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