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Surgical OSCEs for Medical Students

Surgical OSCEs for Medical Students

Wydawnictwo Scion Publishing Ltd
Data wydania 01/08/2019
Wydanie Pierwsze
Liczba stron 268
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla szkół wyższych i kształcenia podyplomowego
Język angielski
ISBN 9781911510376
Kategorie Techniki chirurgiczne, Studia medyczne, informatory przeglądowe
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Opis książki

Surgical OSCEs for Medical Students offers readers nearly 70 stations showing how to address surgical problems in a consistent way, using a step-wise approach. Each case provides a structured step-by-step approach: Differential diagnoses History Examination - general and targeted Investigations required Diagnosis with pathophysiological explanation Management The book offers readers: Concise presentation of information to ensure rapid access to important facts Stimulating coverage of common surgical topics often encountered in OSCE examinations, such as abdominal distension, dysphagia, muscle weakness and sudden weight loss Valuable and trusted input from junior doctors who have successfully passed and supervised OSCEs

Surgical OSCEs for Medical Students

Spis treści

Station 1 Abdominal distension
Station 2 Abdominal mass
Station 3 Abdominal pain
Station 4 Acute confusion
Station 5 Anal pain
Station 6 Ankle swelling
Station 7 Axillary lump
Station 8 Back pain
Station 9 Breast lump

Station 10 Chest pain

Station 11 Clubbing

Station 12 Constipation

Station 13 Cough

Station 14 Cyanosis

Station 15 Diarrhoea

Station 16 Dizziness

Station 17 Dyspepsia

Station 18 Dysphagia

Station 19 Dyspnoea

Station 20 Earache

Station 21 Facial ulcer

Station 22 Facial weakness

Station 23 Fever in a returned traveller

Station 24 Finger pain

Station 25 Foot pain

Station 26 Foot ulcer

Station 27 Gait disturbance

Station 28 Goitre

Station 29 Groin mass

Station 30 Gynaecomastia

Station 31 Haematemesis

Station 32 Haematuria

Station 33 Haemoptysis

Station 34 Hand pain

Station 35 Headache

Station 36 Hearing loss

Station 37 Hypertension

Station 38 Incontinence

Station 39 Jaundice

Station 40 Joint pain and deformity

Station 41 Leg pain

Station 42 Leg ulcer

Station 43 Limb weakness

Station 44 Lymphadenopathy

Station 45 Melaena

Station 46 Mouth ulcer

Station 47 Muscle weakness

Station 48 Nail changes

Station 49 Neck lump

Station 50 Odynophagia

Station 51 Oliguria

Station 52 Palpitations

Station 53 Paraesthesia

Station 54 Polyuria

Station 55 Pruritus

Station 56 Rectal bleeding

Station 57 Scrotal mass

Station 58 Skin hyperpigmentation

Station 59 Steatorrhoea

Station 60 Stoma output

Station 61 Stridor

Station 62 Syncope

Station 63 Testicular mass

Station 64 Tremor

Station 65 Vision changes

Station 66 Voice changes

Station 67 Vomiting

Station 68 Weight loss

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