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Agronomic Crops: Volume 2: Management Practices

Agronomic Crops: Volume 2: Management Practices

Wydawnictwo Springer Verlag, Singapore
Data wydania 13/01/2021
Liczba stron 652
Forma publikacji książka w miękkiej oprawie
Poziom zaawansowania Dla profesjonalistów, specjalistów i badaczy naukowych
ISBN 9789813297852
Kategorie Botanika i nauki o roślinach, Fizjologia roślin, Nauka o glebach, Podtrzymanie środowiska naturalnego, Nauki rolnicze
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Opis książki

Agronomic crops have provided food, beverages, fodder, fuel, medicine and industrial raw materials since the beginning of human civilization. More recently, agronomic crops have been cultivated using scientific rather than traditional methods. However, in the current era of climate change, agronomic crops are suffering from different environmental stresses that result in substantial yield loss. To meet the food demands of the ever-increasing global population, new technologies and management practices are being adopted to boost yields and maintain productivity under both normal and adverse conditions. Further, in the context of sustainable agronomic crop production, scientists are adopting new approaches, such as varietal development, soil management, nutrient and water management, and pest management. Researchers have also made remarkable advances in developing stress tolerance in crops. However, the search for appropriate solutions for optimal production to meet the increasing food demand is still ongoing. Although there are several publications on the recent advances in these areas, there are few comprehensive resources available covering all of the recent topics. This timely book examines all aspects of production technologies, management practices and stress tolerance of agronomic crops.

Agronomic Crops: Volume 2: Management Practices

Spis treści

Crop Rotation: Principles and Practices.- Improving Water Use Efficiency in Agronomic Crop Production.- Carbon Dioxide Enrichment and Crop Productivity.- Soil Management for Better Crop Production and Sustainable Agriculture.- Tillage Effects on Agronomic Crop Production.- Alternate Wetting and Drying System for Water Management in Rice.- Tools and Techniques for Nitrogen Management in Cereals.- Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Nutrient Management.- Use of Biofertilizers for Sustainable Crop Production.- Organic Manuring for Agronomic Crops.- Nitrogen Fixation in Nutrient Management.- Weed Seed Bank - Impacts and Management for Future Crop Production.- Weed Management for Healthy Crop Production.- Integrated Weed Management for Agronomic Crops.- Optimizing Herbicide Use in Herbicide-Tolerant Crops: Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations.- Non-chemical Weed Management for Field Crops.- Beneficial Effects of Weed Edophytic Bacteria: Diversity and Potentials of their Usage in Sustainable Agriculture.- Pest Management for Agronomic Crops.- Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Better Agronomic Crop Production.- Green Manuring for Soil Health and Sustainable Production of Agronomic Crops.- Plant-microbes Interactions in Agronomic Crops.- Mycorrhiza in Sustainable Crop Production.- The Role of Mucuna pruriens in Small Holder Farming Systems of Eastern and Southern Africa: A Review.- Scientific Interventions to Improve Land and Water Productivity for Climate Smart Agriculture in South-Asia.- Adaptation Strategies to Mitigate the Evapotranspiration for Sustainable Crop Production: A Perspective of Rice-Wheat Cropping System.- Tools and Techniques of Post-harvest Processing of Food Grains and Seeds.- Nanotechnology and its Role in Agronomic Crops.- Role of ICT in Crop Management.

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