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Engineering Electrodynamic
2018-07-24 - 2019-12-31


Engineering Electrodynamics:

House of Maxwell's Electromagnetics

Now available to order.

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The book consists of 504 pages organized into 9 chapters, includes 28 tables, 635 math expressions, detailed contents and a bibliography in each chapter. It is handsomely illustrated with around 600 mostly full-color images enlightening the narrative as well as multiple computer simulation results.

About the Authors:

Professor V. Volman, Dr.Sc, Ph.D. spent 30 years teaching all levels of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Antenna technology courses at University. His research area and most of patents and publications have centered within the field of design and development of microwave devices and large antenna arrays for communication and radar applications. He is a co-author and editor of several books.

Dr Andrzej Jeziorski, Ph.D. has more than 35 years of experience in designing antennas and microwave devices. He is the author and co-author of around 50 publications. He is the author of multiple Matlab and CST Microwave Studio programs for students studying and specializing in electromagnetic field theory.

From the Authors:

We wrote the book out of a passion for teaching and the subject matter. Why is House of Maxwell? We literally built a diagram (as a learning tool) in the shape of a 2-story house with attic reflecting Lorentz’s force and Maxwell’s equations structure and their interplay. We designed this book to teach the fundamental interactions of electromagnetic waves with a wide variety of classical and modern materials (ferro- and ferrimagnetics, artificial dielectrics and impedance surfaces, superconductors, metamaterials, graphene, etc.) as well as a broad spectrum of devices based on such interactions and their application. The crucial ideas unifying different parts of this engineering book are Poynting’s theorem and Danish physicist Niels Bohr’s quotation “Nothing exists until it is measured.”

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