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GPCR Signaling in Cancer: Volume 145

GPCR Signaling in Cancer: Volume 145

Publisher Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
Year 21/02/2020
Pages 164
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780128202302
Categories Oncology, Immunology, Genetics (non-medical), Cellular biology (cytology), Virology (non-medical)
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Book description

GPCR Signaling in Cancer, Volume 145, the latest release in the Advances in Cancer Research series, highlights recent developments in the area of GPCRs and cancer biology. Chapters included in this volume cover several GPCRs and their downstream effectors as case examples to highlight their fundamental understanding and therapeutic potential. Specific chapters address the Role of GRKs and beta-arrestins in cancer, Atypical GPCRs in cancer, the Role of a chemokine receptor (CCR) 5 in cancer, Targeting G protein-coupled receptors for therapeutics in cancer, Emerging GPCR signaling pathways in cancer, and more. G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) constitute a large family of cell surface receptors which are involved in nearly every cellular and physiological event. These receptors can recognize a broad array of ligands and they are targeted by nearly one third of the currently prescribed drugs including anti-cancer therapeutics.

GPCR Signaling in Cancer: Volume 145

Table of contents

1. HERs Transregulation in Cancer Progression: From Discovery to 2020 and Beyond Rakesh Kumar 2. RTKs in Cancer Biology Paul Fisher 3. Advances in EGFR Biochemistry and Biology Yosef Yarden 4. Mouse Models of RTKs/HERs: Lessons and Implications to Biology and Therapy William Joseph Muller 5. MET Receptor in Oncology: From Biomarker to Therapeutic Target Ravi Salgia 6. RTKs in Pathobiology of Head & Neck Cancer Radhakrishna Pillai 7. HER2 or Nuclear HER/RTK in Cancer Mien-Chie Hung 8. FLT3 in Hematopietic Malignancies: From Pathobiology to Therapeutics Premkumar Reddy 9. Advances in IGF1R Biology and -directed Cancer Therapeutics Douglas Yee 10. Advances in Bcr-Abl in Cancer Therapy and Biology Nandini Verma 11. EphRs in Cancer Development and Progression Renata Pasqualini 12. RTK-directed Clinical Advances: Trials and Treatments Masakazu Toi

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