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A Practical Guide to Public Law Litigation in Scotland

A Practical Guide to Public Law Litigation in Scotland

Publisher Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Year 10/12/2019
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9780414065239
Categories Courts & procedure
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Book description

Up to date on the latest Scots law developments, A Practical Guide to Public Law is the go-to handbook for new practitioners in public law, providing an authoritative and comprehensive step-by-step guide to the judicial review, legal aid and appeals processes. Features: #A thorough, straightforward breakdown of every common process in the judicial review and statutory appeals #The pitfalls of public law and how to navigate them #Detailed notes of applicable case law #How to follow the legal aid process #How and where to secure funding from #Useful texts and documents

A Practical Guide to Public Law Litigation in Scotland

Table of contents

1.Introduction to judicial review
Supervisory Jurisdiction of the Court of Session
(i) West v Secretary of State for Scotland
(ii) McDonald v Secretary of State for Scotland
(iii) Eba v AdvocateGeneral for Scotland
(iv) Human Rights Act 19998
(v) Scotland Act 1998
(vi) Ordinary Action vs. Judicial Review (Court of Session v Sheriff Court)
2.Taking and defending a judicial review
3.Advice and assistance, legal aid, funding of a judicial review and protective expenses orders
4.Some common subject areas
(i) Environmental Law
(ii) Prison law
(iii) Data Protection Act/ Freedom ofInformation (Scotland) Act/Environmental Information Regulations
(iv) Child law
(v) Community care
(vi) Challenges to an Act of the Scottish Parliament

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