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The Psychology of Nutrition

The Psychology of Nutrition

Publisher Taylor & Francis Ltd
Year 07/09/1994
Pages 228
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9780748401581
Categories Eating disorders & therapy
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Book description

This title explores the psychological processes involved in the selection and consumption of foods and drink. The exposition is firmly linked to research evidence on the cognitive, socio-economic and physiological influences on the desire to eat and drink. The basic theory is that appetite is a learned response to a recognized complex of cues from foods, the body and the social and physical environment.; The volume starts with infant-care giver interactions in feeding, then moves on to consider how physical and social maturation in Western culture affects attitudes to foods, concentrating on the phenomena of ordinary dieting and the extremes of disordered eating. The concluding chapters deal with the process within the lives of individual consumers which causes the same eating habits to form in different segments of society. It also looks at food technology, marketing and governmental regulation.; "The Psychology of Nutrition" tackles questions about what goes on in eaters' and drinkers' minds about the foods and beverages they are consuming, and about the cultural meaning of the eating occasion in industrialized cultures.

The Psychology of Nutrition

Table of contents

Food and Drink; Development of Appetite for Food and Drink Physiological Influences on Appetite; The Soul of the Diet; Design of Beverages and Food Products; The Heart of the Diet; Dieting; Neuroscience of Ingestive Appetite; Psychology and the Sciences of Food and Health.

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