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New Geographies of the Globalized World

New Geographies of the Globalized World

Publisher Routledge
Year 01/02/2018
Edition First
Pages 216
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781138676411
Categories Development studies, Globalization, Politics & government, Human geography, The environment
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Book description

Globalization has, essentially, come to an end. It is, already, a victorious revolution. It has profoundly restructured the relationships between people and the world, often recreating them in a new geographical image. This book discovers and describes these relationships of new geographies, providing a comprehensive spatial guide to the globalized world of the 21st century. It considers a number of timely and important themes and insights for the present and future world, exploring topics such as population trends and migration; development, the urban; transportation; religion; our endangered planet; wars, conflicts and terrorism, and disease. As such it offers a cross-cutting synthesis of the modern world. It will be of interest to students and researches in humanities and social sciences, including geographers, economists, political scientists and IR specialists. "The essays in the volume New Geographies of the Globalized World analyse the phenomenon of globalisation through various topics of geography. The concrete examples are of different scale and provide tangible and apprehensible clues for interpreting global networks and flows. The book aims to reveal and present the various relationships between people and the world that are profoundly restructured in this new global era."- Geza Barta, Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, Eoetvoes Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary

New Geographies of the Globalized World


Introduction By Marcin Wojciech Solarz

1. Geographies Of World Population: Demographic Trends In The Contemporary World (Barbara Jaczewska, Tomasz Wites, Marcin Wojciech Solarz, Maciej Jedrusik & Malgorzata Wojtaszczyk)

2. Geographies Of Development In The 21st Century (Ferenc Gyuris)

3. Many Worlds, One Planet: Ambiguous Geographies Of The Contemporary International Community (Marcin Wojciech Solarz)

4. Twenty-First Century Cities: From Global Challenges To Local Responses (Voicu Bodocan, Jozsef Benedek, Raularian Rusu)

5. Geographies Of Transportation In The 21st Century (Attila Jancsovics, Imre Keseru, Cathy Macharis, Balazs Nemeth, Vilmos Oszter, Gabor Szalkai)

6. Geographies Of Religions: The Religious Factor In Contemporary World Politics. Analytical Frameworks (Anna M. Solarz)

7. Endangered Earth - Pollution, Resources, Global Change (Anna Dudek, Jerzy Makowski, Joanna Mietkiewska-Brynda)

8. Arcs Of Crises, Zones Of Peace? The Geography Of Wars, Conflicts And Terrorism In The Twenty-First Century (Marek Madej)

9. Geographies Of Twenty-First Century Disease: Epidemiological Versus Demographic Transition (Izabella Lecka)

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