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Ashes to Light

Ashes to Light

Publisher Bloomsbury Professional Ltd
Year 01/02/2021
Edition First
Pages 240
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781350241602
Categories Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups, Memoirs, The Holocaust, Second World War, Religious intolerance, persecution & conflict, Jewish studies, Fascism & Nazism
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Book description

Born into a Jewish family in Lvov, Poland in the early 1930s, Nelly Ben-Or was to experience, at a very young age, the trauma of the Holocaust. This narrative of her life's journey describes the survival of Nelly, her mother and her older sister. With help from family and friends, Nelly and her mother were smuggled out of the Ghetto in Lvov and escaped to Warsaw with false identity papers where they were under constant threat of discovery. Miraculously, they survived being taken on a train to Auschwitz, deported not, in fact, because they were Jews, but as citizens of Warsaw following the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. After the end of the war, Nelly's musical talent was free to flourish, at first in Poland and then in the recently-created State of Israel, where Nelly completed her musical studies as a scholarship student at the Music Academy in Jerusalem. Following her move to England she carried out a full concert career and also discovered the Alexander Technique for piano playing, which had a profound influence on her. Today Nelly Ben-Or is internationally regarded as the leading exponent of the application of principles of the Alexander Technique - she teaches in the keyboard department of London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama, runs Alexander Technique masterclasses and regularly gives talks about her Holocaust experience. This unique memoir is testimony to an extraordinary life and illustrates the strength of the human condition when faced with adversity. An extraordinary biography of an extraordinary life ... the book is beautifully written, relating the various horrors and adventures clearly, simply, intelligently and with great compassion for all the actors in this terrible drama ... I thoroughly recommend this truly outstanding book of a truly uplifting life. * Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique * Nelly Ben-Or offers her own life experiences in this unique memoir which is testimony to an extraordinary life and illustrates the strength of the human condition when faced with adversity ... A most moving tale which should be read by people from all walks of life, and especially pianists. * Piano Journal *

Ashes to Light

Table of contents



1 September 1939 - Nazis invade Poland
Beginnings of the Nightmare
In the Ghetto and Escape
Continuous Hiding
A Brief Haven of Peace
Trembacka Street, Warsaw
Warsaw Uprising
Proszkow - Semi-Freedom
The Last Winter of the War
End of Nazi Occupation
Beginning of New Life


13. Fulfilment through Learning
14. New influences - literature
15. Jasia, Poldi, Julian
16. To the promised land - Israel
17. Henrietta Michaelson and the Jerusalem Music Academy
18. The Mozart Competition and Public Concerts
19. Marriage to Gabi Ben-Or
20. Death of Henrietta


21. London - the Alexander Technique
22. Shadows from the Past - Inner Illness
23. Married to Roger Clynes
24. Various Journeys
25. Reflections


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