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Nightwing by Peter Tomasi

Nightwing by Peter Tomasi

Publisher DC Comics
Year 21/01/2020
Pages 360
Version paperback
Readership level General/trade
ISBN 9781401291716
Categories Graphic novels: superheroes
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Book description

When the bodies of nefarious villains and fallen heroes begin to disappear from their final resting places, Dick Grayson is drawn into a mysterious, life-altering adventure! Nightwing falls binto a web of intrigue involving Talia al Ghul and the diabolical Dr. Creighton Kendall. As the stakes get higher, Nightwing finds not only his own life in danger, but quite possibly the future of the entire country. New York Times bestselling author Peter J. Tomasi pens a tale of classic mystery and epic adventure in line with some of his other great works like Green Lantern Corps, Brightest Day and Emerald Warriors. Collects Nightwing issues #140-#153.

Nightwing by Peter Tomasi

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