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Mastering Global Business Development and Sales Management

Mastering Global Business Development and Sales Management

Publisher Apple Academic Press Inc.
Year 03/08/2020
Pages 340
Version hardback
Readership level Professional and scholarly
ISBN 9781482226232
Categories International business, Personnel & human resources management, Sales & marketing management
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Book description

Mastering Global Business Development and Sales Management focuses on the importance of companies and executives recognizing that their organization is sales driven, and that there is a definite pronounced connection between sales and all other aspects of how a company operates. It details the sales manager's role in developing sales personnel, delivering new business to the organization, and otherwise becoming a driving force for the overall prosperity of the company. This book differentiates itself by providing the essence of international sales management. Shows how to develop a marketing and sales strategy for globalization Details regional versus country-specific profiles Explains what all sales personnel need to know about export trade compliance, logistics, and supply chain operations Provides sales and negotiation skill sets

Mastering Global Business Development and Sales Management

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Importance of Business Development. Chapter 2: Domestic Versus Global. Chapter 3: The Sales Business Model. Chapter 4: Sales Skill Sets. Chapter 5: Sales Management 101. Chapter 6: Discerning Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. Chapter 7: Negotiation in Business Development. Chapter 8: Best Practices in Sales Management and Business Development. Appendix.

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