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From Sit-Ins to #revolutions

From Sit-Ins to #revolutions

Publisher Bloomsbury Academic USA
Year 01/01/2020
Edition First
Pages 320
Version hardback
Readership level College/higher education
Language English
ISBN 9781501336959
Categories Social & political philosophy, Media studies, Media, information & communication industries
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Book description

From Sit-Ins to #revolutions examines the evolution and growth of digital activism, while at once outlining how scholars theorize and conceptualize the field through new methodologies. As it closely examines the role that social and digital media play in enabling protests, this volume probes the interplay between historical and contemporary protests, emancipation and empowerment, and online and offline protest activities. Drawn from academic and activist communities, the contributors look beyond often-studied mass action events in the USA, UK, and Australia to also incorporate perspectives from overlooked regions such as Aboriginal Australia, Thailand, Mexico, India, Jamaica and Black America. From illustrating the allure of political action to a closer look at how digital activists use new technologies to push toward reform, From Sit-Ins to #revolutions promises to shed new light on key questions within activism, from campaign organization and leadership to messaging and direct action. Friend or foe? Or both? To what degree has the internet helped or hindered progressive movements the world over? Have its champions swallowed the bait? This absorbing collection, largely from the Global South, provides us with histories with which we can make our next steps in this tormented field. * Michael T. Taussig, Columbia University, USA *

From Sit-Ins to #revolutions

Table of contents

Table of Contents
1. 'Together we are more': New mediums for old tales
Victoria Grieve-Williams (University of Sydney, Australia) and Olivia Guntarik (RMIT University, Australia)
Part I: History in Perspective
2. 'We have survived the white man's world': A critical review of Aboriginal Australian activism in media and social media
Victoria Grieve-Williams (University of Sydney, Australia)
3. A historically shifting sphere: The internet as a basis of a public sphere for social activism in the United States
Wesley Bishop (Marian University, USA)
4. Subversive networks of feminism: The 'Radical Women's Press' in the United States, 1830-2010
Ana Stevenson (University of the Free State, South Africa)
5. Evolution of hacktivism: From origins to now
Marco Romagna (Researcher, Centre of Expertise Cyber Security and The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)
6. The Liga Femenil Mexicanista: The protofeminism and radical organizing of journalist Jovita Idar
Annette M. Rodriguez (University of North Carolina, USA)
Part II: The Art of Activism
7. 'Reggae became the main transporter of our struggle.... and our love': Willie Brim - Cultural Custodian, Bush Doctor and Songman of the Buluwai people of North Queensland
Victoria Grieve-Williams (University of Sydney, Australia)
8. Cockpit Country Dreams: Film, media and protest in the long journey to save Jamaica's Cockpit Country
Esther Figueroa (Independent filmmaker, writer, educator, and linguist)
9. The hacktivist cultural archive: From science fiction to Snowden, worms to the Women's March
Nicholas M. Kelly (University of Iowa, USA)
10. On solitude and solidarity
Olivia Guntarik (RMIT University, Australia) and Verity Trott (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Part III: Ecologies of Place
11. Facebook, WhatsApp and selective outrage: The impact of digital activism on the intersectional identities of anti-rape feminist activists in India
Pallavi Guha (Towson University, USA)
12. #SocialMediaAffordances: A consideration of the impact of Facebook and Twitter
on the Green Movement
Mina Momeni (University of Tortonto Scarborough and University of Guelph-Humber, Canada)
13. Examining the alt-right: A media analysis of hate speech through Bendigo's anti-Muslim protests
Grace Taylor (RMIT University, Australia)
14. Connective crowds: The organizational structure of a feminist crowd in the #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign
Verity Trott (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Part IV: Memory and Materiality
15. Grassroots feminist

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