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CQ's Supreme Court Simulation: Government in Action

CQ's Supreme Court Simulation: Government in Action

Publisher SAGE Publications Inc
Year 18/01/2002
Pages 128
Version paperback
Readership level College/higher education
ISBN 9781568027104
Categories Constitution: government & the state, Central government, Courts & procedure
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Book description

Investigating the judicial process, this simulation illustrates the process involving the nine justices, lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant, and amici. Several cases are included, and to facilitate an understanding of case law, the simulation encourages users to research the precedents germane to the case. ''''The Government in Action simulation series provides first-hand experience in the workings of government. Each classroom-tested simulation begins with an easy-to-understand description of the particular process and the key players, and then explains how the simulation works and how to research the role to be played. Each book includes background information, primary sources and other material that flesh out the situations and examples for the actual simulations. Library patrons will find an accessible overview of government processes in a format that is not currently available. ''''

CQ's Supreme Court Simulation: Government in Action

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