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Financial Risk Management for Cryptocurrencies

Financial Risk Management for Cryptocurrencies

Publisher Springer, Berlin
Pages 114
Version paperback
Language English
ISBN 9783030510923
Categories Applied mathematics
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Book description

This book explores the emerging field of risk management and risk analysis of cryptocurrencies, an area that has been generating considerable research. It begins by providing an introduction to digital finance and the concept of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. It then describes in detail the intrinsic risks involved in cryptocurrencies, an area that, to date, has not been fully documented or investigated. Lastly, it discusses the various types of risk, with a focus on design, operational, market and quantitative risks.
Providing insights into the analysis and management of cryptocurrencies, and serving as a starting point for a more in-depth risk analysis, this book will appeal to professionals and researchers interested in familiarizing themselves with the risks in cryptocurrencies, including academics, portfolio managers, risk-managers, quants, financial professionals, regulators, economists, asset managers and traders.

Financial Risk Management for Cryptocurrencies

Table of contents

Part I Introduction to Cryptocurrencies. - Blockchain. - Types of Cryptocurrencies. - Part II Risk in Dealing with Cryptocurrencies. - Qualitative Risks. - Quantitative Risks. - Futures and Options on Cryptocurrencies. - Portfolio Management. - Further Related Work. - Part III Summary and Conclusion. - Conclusion.

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