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AGU's journal Space Weather to transition to fully open access model

The AGU journal Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications, devoted to the understanding and forecasting of space weather, will transition to a fully open access model with all articles accepted after that date accessible free of charge to readers, starting October 17. All issues of Space Weather will be made openly available in January 2020.

Articles in open access publications are more widely read and used. In this publishing environment, the costs of publication will be borne by the authors or their funders through a publication fee rather than readers or institutions through a subscription. Open access publication is one part of a larger movement toward greater access and transparency in scientific research.

From its beginnings in 2003, Space Weather has featured a diversity of work, including the interactions of solar processes with the Earth environment; the impacts of these processes on telecommunications, electric power, satellite navigation; and comparisons of these types of interactions with the atmospheres of neighbouring planets and Earth's moon. Published by Wiley, papers include original research articles as well as feature articles and commentary. Space Weather plans to be fully open access by January of 2020 when all articles will be accessible to read, download and share at no cost to the reader. All of AGU's content is made freely available to read on a two-year rolling basis post publication date.

The transition to open access for Space Weather will occur on October 17. Submissions received on or after October 17 that are accepted will be open access and subject to an article publication charge. The focus, aims, and scope of the journal will remain unchanged and the editorial team will continue to apply the same rigorous standards of peer review and acceptance criteria.

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