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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology offers speedy publication process to help in the fight against COVID-19


The IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology has created a fast-track for rapid review and publication of research and data that may help in the fight against COVID-19. The journal covers the development and application of engineering concepts and methods to biology, medicine, and health sciences to provide effective solutions to biological, medical and healthcare problems.

The journal has introduced an expedited peer-review process that can ensure high-quality, relevant papers are disseminated in as few days as possible.

Interested parties may submit a summary or their abstract to the journal’s editorial board for an assessment of its suitability. Several Microsoft Word templates are also available to be downloaded including those for editorial content, preparation of science letters, and data manuscripts.

The paper can also be submitted through ScholarOne. Authors are advised to mention in the cover letter that it is for the fast-track process.

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