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The Sage Encyclopedia of Journalism
2022-05-05 - 2022-12-31

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Journalism, 2nd Edition

Edited by Gregory A. Borchard - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Price (Net): 600 GBP*
Subject Area: Press and Journalism
ISBN: 9781544391151

Journalism permeates our lives and shapes our thoughts in ways that we have long taken for granted. Whether it is National Public Radio in the morning or the lead story on the Today show, the morning newspaper headlines, up-to-the-minute Internet news, grocery store tabloids, Time magazine in our mailbox, or the nightly news on television, journalism pervades our lives.

The Encyclopedia of Journalism covers all significant dimensions of journalism, such as:

- print, broadcast, and Internet journalism;
- U.S. and international perspectives;
- history, technology, legal issues and court cases, ownership, and economics.

The encyclopedia will consist of approximately 500 signed entries from scholars, experts, and journalists, under the direction of lead editor Gregory Borchard of University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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