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Terms: journals

Electronic journals accessibility rules


Electronic publication: journal in electronic version or electronic database

Publisher: publisher of given electronic publication or supplier of electronic services through which the publisher grants access to its electronic publications

Institution: library or other institutions getting access to electronic publications as part of subscription

Reader: a reader or other user connected with the institution who, being a part of it, has access to electronic publications

Authorization data on publisher’s website: user name and password required to get access to electronic publication which is protected by the publisher

Administrative password: password which, together with the Client’s ID number, is required to get access to advanced features on the ABE-IPS website

  1. ABE-IPS provides access to electronic publications, as part of foreign subscriptions
  2. ABE-IPS provides access only to those electronic publications which are made accessible by the publisher
  3. ABE-IPS bears no responsibility for inaccessibility of a given electronic publication if the reason for it is publisher’s decision or technical difficulties.
  4. ABE-IPS gives access to electronic publications only to users with active subscription to the given publication.
  5. ABE-IPS provides access to electronic publications only through the ABE-IPS website or an internet link recommended by ABE-IPS.
  6. Electronic publications are protected by publisher’s copyrights. Copying and distribution of electronic publications, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited, unless the publisher assents to it in writing.
  7. Where applicable, authorization data on the publisher’s website will be made visible by ABE-IPS service.
  8. Authorization data on the publisher’s website are the integral element of access to electronic publications and may not be changed. In case of change by the readers, ABE-IPS will not be held responsible for resulting difficulties in accessing given electronic publications.
  9. Administrative password is designated to for the library’s administrator and may not be given to readers.

ABE-IPS reserves the right to change the subject Rules about which users will be notified by mail, electronic mail or special announcement on the ABE-IPS website.

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